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Archetypal Music: The Lost Forest

Did you lose your way?

Maybe you where headed somewhere, but realized it wasn't where you wanted to go after all. Maybe you even forgot where you were going.

...but wasn't there something glimmering there among the trees?

The Lost Forest is where you find yourself when you step off the trodden path. Its atmosphere is one of uncertainty and bewilderment.

Which way to go? All you see around you is trees and their shadows. All paths look the same.

Long-term planning is out of the question - here only the past and the present is available to you. Without a future, all you have left to rely on is your senses - now awake - and your instincts.

The Lost Forest is a place where consciousness in the form of the sun, is blocked out. Now you're in the depths of your subconscious, specifically the part of the subconscious that contains forgotten memories. If you left something important behind while you so carelessly chased your dreams, it's coming back to get you now.

Musically, the Lost Forest is subdued, yet sprawling. The foggy surroundings may be represented with pads, strings and choirs. Wildlife is represented with quiet, scurrying movement and maybe even some surprising shocks.

The Lost Forest is the graveyard of many a traveller. If you can't discern truth from lie illusions will lead you astray, but if you listen intently, a path might reveal itself... or a treasure hidden deep inside.

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